Some tango thoughts and our new Classical Latin Music Festival at Southbank Centre London

Havana Buenos Aires Classical Music Festival July 17 and 18 Tangos for Angels and Demons -20 years of Tango Siempre Cubana Cl รก sica-A Night at the Opera in Havana   I just returned from Eastern Cuba and the city of Gibara where every year there is an important International Film Festival now in it’s 14 th year (July 1-7 th ) and inaugurated by the great Cuban film director Humberto Solas. The Cuban film industry is one of the country’s great cultural exports apart from its dancers and musicians and this particular festival is renowned for its focus on documentary film. Apart from the main focus on film there are concerts and dance performances all week especially by the Holguin province dance company Codanza Cuba with whom I will collaborate in Mozart’s Magic flute in December. I was fortunate, given my interest and involvement in tango to be introduced to the considerable tango community in Gibara, singers and dancers at the Casa del Tango, where I joined them    for   e